"I want to keep Marina my secret ... but she deserves to be successful."



"The only business in the Twin Cities that offers a variety of services and one of a kind clothing for women of all shapes and sizes.  Marina, the shop's owner, offers ready to wear unique styles for every day and special occasions, one of a kind accessories, custom made high quality clothes, and any types of alterations and weaving."



"One of the things I really value is, I can ask Marina how I look in something and she'll actually tell me the truth, if the color isn't quite right, or I need a smaller size or maybe a different style that doesn't overwhelm my shortness. This is great customer service."



"I found Marina after a fruitless search for a formal gown for a woman of size. I was tired of looking at things that looked like polyester creations from hell, frumpy sacks or dated styles ... I just wanted something that made me feel pretty, stylish and slightly "off-the-bubble!" A wonderful fabric store steered me to Marina.  She's talented, empathetic and bluntly honest. Exactly what I was looking for in my quest."



"Marina made great suggestions ... and won a customer for life.  She pulls the boundaries, but never is pushy and frankly, I get compliments everyday I wear one of "our" creations."



"I had several pieces of clothing in my closet which did not fit anymore and some that were outdated. I was about to take them to Goodwill but one of my friends recommended to check out The "Perfect fit by Marina" before I do that. So I gathered my staff and went to see Marina. From the moment I walked through the door I new my friend was right. Marina impressed me with her professionalism and honesty, and with her impeccable taste. She recommended to get rid of some pieces but most of them she was able to save. The quality of work was impeccable and the work was done on time. My wardrobe looks like brand new and custom made. I was so happy with the alteration she had done for me I took my husband's clothes there as well. In today's economy this is the best way to save money and update your look at the same time. I am so happy that I keep going back. I would highly recommend "Perfect fit by Marina" to anyone."